Karen Richards

Confidence Coach

Do you want to create with confidence,

stand in your purpose,

and define Your Legacy Career?


Do you want to create new things like art, writing,

and possibly a business?

Do you want to move forward with curiosity to learn, experiment, and refine your work?

Do you have lots of ideas to explore, but don't know where to begin?

Then it's time to get a little Clarity.
So let's get started . . . 

Hi, I'm Karen

I'm a Confidence Coach for Creative Minds

I help people who are at a crossroads in their lives. They've had other careers or invested their time raising their families. They are ready to start a new chapter and take on new challenges.  They want to curiously explore something they've never had the time, or confidence to do. 


They come to me overwhelmed and confused about what to focus on,  They know in their HEART they want to create something AUTHENTIC, GENUINE and UNIQUE. 

Is this You?

My clients say I have this uncanny ability to ask the right questions to help you uncover your true passion for the kind of work you so desperately want to do. Sometimes I'm a cheerleader, mentor, accountability partner and muse. I allow you to stumble and brush you off  to begin again.  

In the end you become clear, confident, and in LOVE with your creative life and/or business,  that inspires + moves people.

How does that dream sound?

I do what I love and I love what I do!

Transform Your Life is my signature coaching program offering a unique combination of one to one and group sessions, all delivered to you through online video conferencing.


I'll lead you through my powerful

5 step process to help you create the life, art or business of your dreams.

Feed Your 
Creative Mind
Creative Minds Community (5).png

Join the 

Creative Minds


Here you'll find an amazing group of artist, writers, entrepreneurs and other creative spirits who share the common values of


Connection & Collaboration


in a safe, inspiring space where there's no room for competition.

Find Your

My online group coaching and workshops will . . . 

  • inspire you to use the creative process as a way to create more joy and purpose.

  • help you build a heart-centered business. 

  • offer you a place to collaborate without competition.

  • hold you accountable as you take steps to achieve your goals & dreams

Let's Be Curious
Group Coaching
& Workshops

My clients are amazing!

Organized Desk

Ellen Alden,

Teacher & Genealogist

I now feel inspired to create!

Elizabeth Grey,


A year after I started writing regularly I was getting paid to do so.

Susan Bristol,

Next Steps Guide

Karen has actually helped me put all the pieces of the puzzle together to design my business.

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