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Design the creative business

of your dreams.

Learn, brainstorm and mastermind about how to build your unique business in a safe, supportive virtual community.

Road and Bridge Network

How much longer are you

going to remain confused about how to build your creative business, not knowing

which road to take?

It's all just so difficult to find the right way.


You have tons of ideas for a creative business but can't figure out how to build it. 

Or maybe, 

  • You've gone to too many webinars that make big promises as they try to "upsell" you to a high dollar programs that you can't afford.

  • You've stop and started so many times that your list isn't even opening your emails.

  • You've bought every book about business design only to discover they say the same things.

  • You're so tired of being alone and confused about why you can't figure this out.


Or, worst of all, you think you're too old, inexperienced or disorganized to have

your own business.

You deserve the opportunity to build your

Legacy Career

at any age

Stop wasting your time, money and energy on anymore books, workshops and courses offering "big results."

Discover your tribe of like minded entrepreneurs 

design your creative business 

Find Clarity

About the who, what, where, when how and why

of designing your business.



and discover resources  about how to share your

unique offerings to attract your ideal clients. 

Be Inspired

To let go of the fear of failure and begin to take imperfect action to get your business launched.

What's keeping you from building your business with confidence?

Transform from Insecure Dabbler to Confident Creative

Don't you just hate it when you're attending a webinar with a title like "Six Months to Six Figures" only to have to sit though a high dollar sales pitch at the end? 

Or do you get frustrated because buy all the latest books on business design only to find they all say the same things about marketing strategies and nurture sequences?

Or are you simply have a "quick start" mind living in a "never finish" world?

Hi, I'm Karen,

And I get it.  I have the same struggles and shortcomings.

For the past 45 years through my careers in sales management, advertising and teaching I've learned the one most important thing about getting people to buy what I'm selling is education. I needed to teach them how my workshops and groups could make their lives better in order for them to want to join. 

In other words people aren't going to buy from you if they don't understand how it will solve a problem they're having.



The common problem I find with the creative entrepreneurs I work with is confusion. 

It's not that they don't have valuable things to share, it's that they haven't figured out how to get them in front of the right audience.


They haven't become crystal clear about:

  • what they're offering

  • who they want to serve

  • And how they product can solve a problem

And if these struggling entrepreneurs are anything like you (and me) they spending hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars hoping this time they'll finally get this business design thing right.

Yet they end up in the same pool of confusion, alone and bewildered about why they don't feel and momentum.

That's why I formed the Creative Minds Entrepreneurs group.  I wanted offer a space to learn, share and collaborate with people who have dreams about building creative businesses.  It's a place for you to feel safe and supported as we workshop and mastermind together in our virtual community.

Transform from

Insecure Entrepreneur to

Confident Creative Business Owner.


Judy Ladewig

Writer-Artist-Creative Guide

I learn how to build more creativity into my life and business.


Marilyn Green

Life Coach

Invaluable help getting my coaching business off the ground.

Susan 2017 150x150_edited.jpg

Susan Bristol,

Next Steps Guide

Karen has actually helped me put all the pieces of the puzzle together to design my business.

The best part is

The Creative Minds Entrepreneur

group is Virtual!

That's right.


We are live and online joining you in the comfort of your own space. 


You'll learn in a safe a supportive environment with other curious creative entrepreneurs from all over the country.


Your skills and confidence will grow as you find new inspiration with your new "partners in the process" of designing your creative business.


Plus you get to design your membership to meet

the needs of your creative mind.

Membership Options

Creative Minds


Each month you'll get:

  • 1 business design workshop

  • 1 group mastermind session

  • 2 group creative brainstorming sessions

  • email support 

  • Weekly office hours

  • Access to recorded lessons

  • Continuing business design inspiration.


Package savings:

3 month - $270

6 month - $550




All the benefits of the Individual PLUS one additional group membership like:

  • Creative Mindset Mondays

  • Creative Minds Studio

  • Mental Fitness for Creative Minds

  • New offerings in the works.


Package savings:

3 month - $470

6 month - $970

All Access


Membership in all current Creative Minds Community Groups.


One Private Creative Brainstorming Session for every 6 month package paid in full.


Package savings:

3 month - $870

6 month - $1750

Here's how to get started:

Image by Tirza van Dijk


Schedule your


Clarity Call


During our virtual call you'll

begin to become crystal clear about the path you want to take


Start your creative transformation in the groups you choose.

Are you ready to transform

from Insecure Entrepreneur 


Confident Creative Business Owner?

Get my free ebook "5 Creativity Killers"  


Join my mailing list and receive to get instant access to begin

your journey to more creative confidence.


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