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Become more confident

to make the art you were

born to create.

Learn new techniques, build  your skills and find inspiration in a safe, supportive virtual community.

How much longer are you

going to let your

"Inner Insulter"

keep you from enjoying

the creative process?

You know.


It's the voice inside your head that keeps telling you things like:

  • "You're not talented enough"

  • "Art is frivolous, you don't have time for that"

  • "You never finish anything. Look at the drawer full of supplies you never use." 

  • "You can't draw a straight line with a ruler."

  • "You're no Picasso."

  • and so on. . . 

Life's too short to not make the art you were born to create!

Stop wasting your time, money and energy on workshops and courses

that only teach you how to copy the instructor.

It's time to unlock your vivid imagination to

discover what your "Inner Artist" is craving.

Find Clarity

About what you want to create and why you want to do it.


Techniques and tricks to build your skills and understanding of art  

Be Inspired

To let go of fear to explore and experiment with other curious creatives. 

What's keeping you from

creating with confidence?

Don't you just hate it when your artwork never quite measures up to the instructor's demonstration?

Or do you get frustrated because you can't seem to get the idea in your mind to match what you're trying to create? 

Or is it that you just feel like art is only for people who are considered "talented?"

Hi, I'm Karen,

I'm a Confidence Coach for Creative MInds and I want to invite you to join me in my virtual community.


With over 30 years as an art teacher I've discovered that so many people give up on creative dreams before they even get started.  They've allowed the negativity of others to creep in and destroy their confidence. Or they've spent countless hours and dollars taking classes where they learn only to produce "copy cat" art.

I've always believed finding joy in creativity isn't about being talented or striving for perfection.  It's about getting comfortable with the process and investing time practicing skills and techniques.


Transform from

Insecure Dabbler to Confident Creative.

Transform from Insecure Dabbler to Confident Creative


Karen Koory



I'm so happy to have found

this creative outlet.


Dru Duffey



My artwork has grown tremendously.


Ellen Alden,


Teacher & Genealogist

I now feel inspired to create!

The best part is

The Creative Minds Studio is Virtual!

That's right.


We are live and online joining you in the comfort of your own space.

You'll learn in a safe a supportive environment with other curious creatives from all over the country.

Your skills and confidence will grow as you find new inspiration.


Plus you get to design your membership to meet

the needs of your creative mind.

Membership Options

Creative Minds


Each month you'll get:

  • 1 skill building workshop

  • 1 positive feedback critique

  • 1 open studio session

  • 2 group creative brainstorming sessions

  • Weekly office hours

  • Access to recorded lessons

  • Continuing creative inspiration


Package savings:

3 month - $270

6 month - $550

Creative Studio


All the benefits of the Individual PLUS one additional group membership like:

  • Creative Mindset Mondays

  • Creative Minds Entrepreneur

  • Creative Minds Writers

  • Mental Fitness for Creative Minds

  • New offerings in the works.


Package savings:

3 month - $470

6 month - $970

All Access


Membership in all current Creative Minds Community Groups.


One Private Creative Brainstorming Session for every 6 month package paid in full.


Package savings:

3 month - $870

6 month - $1750

Here's how to get started:

Image by Tirza van Dijk


Schedule your


Creative Clarity Call


During our virtual call you'll begin to become crystal clear about the creative path you want to take


Start your creative transformation in the groups you choose.

Are you ready to transform from

Insecure Dabbler to Confident Creative?

Get my free ebook "5 Creativity Killers"  


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your journey to more creative confidence.


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