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Begin a Creativity Habit

Do you have days when you don't know what to do so you turn on the TV and zone out for hours? Afterward did you feel like you'd just ate a bunch of junk food?Unsatisfied (and a little bloated) because you hadn't accomplished anything but binge watched random shows?

Or have you gotten stuck on the social media rollercoaster. Clicking here and there, envying all those people whose lives seem so much more exciting than yours?

You're not alone. With such a wide variety of time sucking opportunities it's easy to get distracted.

Trust me, I've gotten caught on the giant spiral of meaningless activities more times than I want to admit. Sometimes because I was bored. Sometimes because I was lonely. But most often because I didn't have another option readily available.

So instead of "plugging in" to electronics I began to set aside time every day to work in one of my many art journals. The pages in these journals weren't meant to be shown to anyone or considered fine art.

They're just simply conversations I have with myself. I started creating in them when I had little bits time here and there. Then I began to look forward to these sessions.

And I began a Creativity Habit. It's a habit that relieves stress, gives me a sense of accomplishment and sparks new ideas. Rarely do I go anywhere without one of my books and a pen.

I love to write, I love to doodle and I love to dream!

6 Simple steps to start a Creativity Habit:

1. Gather supplies.

The basics could be a 9 x 12 sketchbook, pencils, erasers, pens, permanent markers, colored pencils, a watercolor tray, glue sticks, scissors & magazines. My philosophy is buy the best you can afford, but don't over buy. To many supplies can be a different kind of distraction!

2. Find a container.

It could be a basket or a box or an old purse. Just something big enough to hold your supplies in a relatively organized way. This also makes your creativity habit transportable!

3. Set up a work space.

This could be a small table or the corner of your desk. I actually have 2 workspaces. One is a lap desk so I can doodle while I'm hanging with my husband as he watches car shows. The other is a space on my desk. In both places my supplies are readily available and it's easy to begin a new page.

4. Gather ideas:

Get out a few magazines, scissors and a small box to hold them. I'm inspired by words and images. I also get some of my best ideas from fortune cookies, greeting cards and maps.

5. Schedule a time each day.

It could be 15 minutes to an hour. I do my creative writing in the morning and my doodling in the evening. Set a timer while you work. It'll help keep you focused. You'll be amazed at how quickly you'll get lost in the creative practice.

6. Before you begin just relax.

Rub your hand over the blank page. Imagine all the possibilities. What ideas bubble up to the surface? Then pick up a tool and begin. Doodle, play, experiment, make mistakes, and start over.

Pretty soon you'll look forward to this time. You've got a new Creativity Habit!

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