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Does your curious and

creative mind

need more

one-to-one support?

Are you unable to quiet your

"Inner Insulter's" voice by yourself no matter how hard you try?

Image by Caleb Woods

You know the voice. 


It's that one inside your head that keeps killing your creativity with lies.


Or is distracts you with a long list of why you aren't capable of making art, writing a book or designing a business. No matter how much time, money or emotional energy you invest you always seem to end up at the same place.


Stuck with the desire to create more, but filled with self-doubt about your next steps.

Image by Sincerely Media

How would it feel to have a partner in the process of your

creative transformation?

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Find Clarity

About what's messing with your confidence.


Strategies to release your limiting beliefs and quiet your

"Inner Insulter"

Be Inspired

To take actions to accomplish more than you've ever thought possible.

Life's too short

to keep struggling with your

creative confidence

all on your own.

It's lonely being an artist, writer, and entrepreneur.


That's normal

The creative process in each of us needs solitude to allow for the work to emerge.  Artists can rarely create in chaos.

Yet too much alone time can make us a little crazy and that self-doubt demon I call the "Inner Insulter" starts messing things up.

After over 30 years as an art teacher I’ve discovered that so many people give up on creative dreams before they even get started.  They’ve allowed the negativity of others to creep in and destroy their confidence.


When I decided to leave my public school career I wanted to find new ways to help people overcome creative self doubt. So I explored several life coaching methods and learned valuable ways to encourage my clients to unlock their imaginations to all the possibilites within their reach. 

And it all begins with a virtual conversation between two creative souls.

How would you like

a supportive partner in the process

of your creative transformation?

Private Coaching Packages




Each month you'll get:

  • One 45 minute deep dive coaching sessions per month.

  • Email and text support

  • Two 90 minute group creative brainstorming sessions per month

  • Weekly office hours

  • Guest access to Special events 


Package savings:

3 month - $650

6 month - $1200



Plus One

Private creative process coaching PLUS one group membership:

  • Creative Mindset Mondays

  • Creative Minds Studio

  • Creative Minds Entrepreneur

  • New offerings coming soon

    • Creative Minds Writers

    • Mental Fitness for Creative Minds

  • New offerings in the works.


Package savings:

3 month - $970

6 month - $1970

Private Coaching


Membership in all current Creative Minds Community Groups and Special Events.


One additional Private Creative Brainstorming Session for every 6 month package paid in full.


Package savings:

3 month - $1370

6 month - $2750

Are you ready to transform

from Insecure Dabbler 


Confident Creative?

Get my free ebook "5 Creativity Killers"  


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your journey to more creative confidence.


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