My Transform Your Life

Coaching Program

Does any of this sound familiar?

You want more than you have in your present reality.  You want to find a deeper meaning in your daily actions. Maybe you want to create something, but don't have the skills or confidence to move forward.  Maybe you want to build a business, but struggle with self doubt. 


So you take courses, read books, and sign up for trainings hoping that each one will magically offer you the "keys to the kingdom."

I felt the same way.

My creative soul wanted to make new things.  My years as an art teacher made me ache to share techniques and the magic of getting in the zone.  My first career in business management made me seek out structure and processes.  I was close to retirement, but knew I wasn't ready to let go of my dream to inspire others.  

But I was afraid no one would understand what I do and why I do it.

I undervalued my skills, experience and, most of all,  my creative mind.

And I'd lost my confidence.

So I became curious

I began to explore different ways to combine my wide ranging skills and experience into programs to help other people reclaim their confidence.

And then inspire them to unlock their own creativity in the process.

Are you’re ready to get past what's holding you back 

in your creative life and business?


A Free Get Acquainted Call with me could be the catalyst you've been looking for.

During this call we'll get to know each other and see if Transform Your Life is the right program for you.  It's a big investment of time and resources so I want you to be crystal clear about your choice. 


That's why I don't put the costs of my services on here.  I want to help you custom design a program that uniquely helps you achieve more than you've ever dreamed.  My multi pronged approach gives you a powerful combination of one to one coaching and a community of creative minds.

Your confidence will grow through conversation, collaboration and your commitment to creatively explore.

When you invest, you’ll receive . . .

  • A PERSONALIZED COACHING PLAN tailored to YOU and your goals, mapping out each big step we’ll take together.


  • MINDSET STRATEGIES — as Life Coach, Business Mentor

     and Creativity Muse, I’ll guide you through installing

     new beliefs and find your confidence through
     celebrating your accomplishments.​


  • WEEKLY WEBINARS for inspiration and collaboration.


     (via Zoom), to use the power of creative minds to

     brainstorm new ideas and problem-solve challenges

     in your art and business.

  • POWERFUL REFLECTION TOOLS - these worksheets

     are designed to help you organize your thoughts and

     plan for your success.

  • UNLIMITED ACCESS to me via email and voice messaging, to support and hold you accountable as you take action in your art and business.

Would you like to be in a different place

at this time next year?

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