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Do you feel like you’re not talented enough to create and share your art or build a business?


Transform from Insecure Dabbler


Confident Creative

You have something to create and share if you'd only give yourself permission to dabble, explore, experiment and dream.  


Hi, I'm Karen,

I'm a confidence coach for creative minds and founder of the Creative Minds Community.


In the Creative Minds Community we know you’re the kind of person who wants to feel confident about making art and maybe building a business. In order to be that way you need to find clarity, learn new things and be inspired to take your imagination to the next level. 


The problem is you’ve never felt like you were good enough to even consider pursuing a creative dream. You were embarrassed by your work feeling like it was never quite good enough.  Or maybe you’ve believed that only people with special talents had the right to be called artists.


I believe everybody has the ability to make beautiful and meaningful art regardless of your past limitations or perceived lack of talent. In fact, if you can write your name, you can learn to draw. It’s that simple.


That’s why I help people by teaching them simple techniques and encourage daily practice to build skills. And as your skills grow, so will your confidence.


Set up your free Creative Clarity Call TODAY so we can explore the best options for the next steps on your journey to creative confidence.

Here's how it works:

Image by Tirza van Dijk


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Creative Clarity Call


During our virtual call you'll begin to become crystal clear about the creative path you want to take


Start your creative transformation in the groups you choose.

How much longer are you going to let your

self doubts and confusions keep you from

exploring your creative dreams?

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