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Creativity Kickstart

Virtual Retreat

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When:    Saturday, June 26th, 2021

Time:     11:00am - 3:00pm eastern

Where:  Virtual through Zoom Conferencing

Cost:      Free

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If you're like a lot of other people that long, cold winter only inspired binge-watching TV while eating cheese puffs on the sofa. And the most inspiring thought you had was to use a toothpick so your fingers didn't get dirty, right?

So it's time to kickstart your creativity and have some fun!


In other words, turn off that TV and get your orange-stained fingers ready to coax your imagination to come out and play.

Or you can keep sitting on that sofa watching what other people's imaginations created.


Image by Tim Arterbury

I'm offering this virtual retreat because I really believe that getting deep in a creative process can be like a soothing balm for your tired soul.  And it will inspire your imagination to try all kinds of new things. And it feels so much better than eating junk food and watch a screen until your mind is numb.

Being Creative 

gives you:

  • Energy - it’s like magic. Once you start, it’s so hard to stop.

  • Inspiration - the creative flow experience unlocks your imagination.  And soon new ideas buzz around your head like little bees. Creativity feeds on Creativity.

  • Hope - it allows you to experience how the simplest actions can shift your thinking away from failure to possibility.

  • Joy -  and fun. As long as you let go of perfection and get knee-deep in the process, the act of creating can make you feel so damn good. Messy hands required!

  • Confidence - It isn't about success or failure.  It’s about enjoying the process as you explore, experiment, and navigate your creative desires.

Since I started my business over two and a half years ago I’ve never veered from my desire to inspire creativity in everyone I have the pleasure to work with.  For me, it’s always been about helping people, like you, get past whatever it is that’s keeping them from feeling creatively confident.


No experience required - - this is a "Judgment Free Zone."



Sound intriguing?

Here's the Approximate Agenda for this 

4 Hour Virtual Retreat:

  • 30 Minutes - welcome, introductions, and warm-ups to help begin the process of letting go of the inner judge.

  • 30 Minutes - Creativity Kickstart Session to get clarity, set intentions, and make a plan for your unique experience. Don’t worry, if you don’t know where to start you’ll get plenty of ideas.

  • One hour  - coworking time to explore the art/writing/music or craft project of your choice.

  • 30 Minutes -  Check-in and reboot. Remember creativity builds on itself and sometimes takes you in different directions than originally intended.

  • Another One hour coworking time to continue, finish or begin again

  • 30 Minute Show and Tell Celebration - This is not a critique, just a chance to share and enjoy each other's creations. 


We may not be able to gather together in person to make art, share stories, play, and laugh.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t gather together virtually to make art, share stories, play, and laugh!

And the best things about this virtual retreat are:

  • No travel risks - join from the comfort of your own space

  • No need to pack - show up in pajamas if you’d like

  • You don’t have to leave family - in fact, they’re welcome to join in.

  • Eat and drink what you want - your kitchen, your rules!


While we won’t get to have meals together, hug each other, or share supplies like other retreats and workshops, we will. . . 

  • create together

  • inspire each other

  • connect with new friends

  • brainstorm and collaborate.

  • hold each other accountable

  • and, most importantly, play, laugh, and, maybe even forget about all the silly shenanigans going on in the outside world for a short time.

And the results?

It’ll be like a trip to a spa. 


Strengthening your creative energy will lead to all kinds of improvements in your life:

  • When you face a new (or even old) challenge, your imagination will already be unlocked to find new solutions.

  • When you’re feeling bored you’ll have learned ways to create that are easy, entertaining, and fun. 

  • When you’re stressed you can take a creative brain break to shift your mindset.

  • When you’re feeling lonely you can reach out to your new community of creative minds.



Image by Radu Florin

How would that feel?


I usually price a workshop like this for at least $97, but I'm not. These four hours of inspiration, creative connection, and fun will cost you



One last thing . . . 


In order for everyone to have time to have the opportunity to share, this retreat is limited to the first 15 people who sign up. So don't delay!


Looking forward to creatively collaborating with you soon even if your fingers are a little orange.





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