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Explore your dreams

about being a writer

Learn and be inspired with other like-minded curious creatives

Once upon a time, you wanted to write a novel, memoir, poem, short story, or children's book

but something stopped you.

Or maybe you've started many times only to give up because:

  • You didn't feel confident in your ability to write in a clear way.

  • You're weren't sure if your idea was really all that interesting.

  • You felt like a phony because you're not a "real writer."

  • You felt all alone and afraid to join a writer's group.

How much longer are you going to deny your

"Inner author"

the opportunity to share her ideas with the world? 

Creative Minds

Writers Group


Your Project


Your Skills

Be Inspired to

Write, Write, Write

This group was formed because we know many people have dreams about being writers, but aren't confident enough to go for it. They have a strong desire to create but they feel they lack either the talent or know-how.

In the Creative Minds Community, our philosophy is that talent has very little to do with making art of any kind. In fact, we believe everyone is born with the ability to be creative.


Creativity and imagination are how we've survived as a species, right?


Yet so often our dreams are crushed by our "Inner Insulter." You know that voice inside your head.  It's the one that keeps telling you that you will never be a "real" writer. That voice that tells you not to embarrass yourself by going after what you want.

We've found the best way to quiet your "Inner Insulter" is to take action in a safe and nurturing environment. One where you can explore and experiment without the fear of failure. Soon you may even begin to invite little failures as a way to grow and learn.


In this group your creative confidence will grow as you develop new skills as you find ways to better organize and express your ideas.  You'll find clarity and inspiration in a supportive group of like-minded people.

And before you know it, you'll be ready to share your work with the world!

Writing by the Water

Introductory Program





30 Minute Private session with

Karen Richards,

Founder of the

Creative Minds Community

Discover ways to quiet your "Inner Insulter" and begin your journey to Creative Confidence


Weeks of

Writing Workshops


4:00pm - 5:30pm EDT

May 13th - June 17th, 2021

Lead by the accomplished writer


creative mentor

Elizabeth Grey





Weekly Friday Focus Office Hours 



Group Creative Brainstorming




Open Studio


All for $127

 Our Group Leader

Elizabeth Grey

Elizabeth is a writer who has curated over 80 essays on Medium. Her work has been featured in GEN, The Startup, An Injustice, and Data-Driven Investor.

In addition to writing four plays, she's currently editing her soon-to-be-published memoir.

Elizabeth is a valued member of several writing groups and also serves as a mentor to other aspiring writers.

Every one of us has both a unique personal story and imagination.


Whenever a reader is moved by a story-whether it’s a song, a play, a novel or non-fiction—a building block of compassion is created. A link is made between humans.


The world needs our perspective. Storytelling is how we survive as a species.


Perhaps you have one to tell, but lack the confidence to write. Whether it’s an internal voice that whispers what you say and think has no value, or an external voice that squashes your hope, the bottom line is simple: those voices keep you from writing.


The great news is those voices are mistaken.


In this workshop, we write. We start writing the first day. Through a series of exercises, we write at home, and make it a priority. We begin to share our work in a supportive environment. Our voices are heard.


You learn to respect and treasure that internal voice. Once you do that, you have the freedom to create anything you wish.


Whatever it is you wish to create—poetry, songwriting, drama, fiction or non-fiction—starts with a decision to write. This class gives you the framework and support to do so; and if it’s a project on which you are already working, a system to provide accountability. 


We all work better with a deadline.

Are you ready to transform

from Insecure Writer


 Confident Creative?

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