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Kind Words

“The Confident Creative is a perfect name for Karen's business."

"I signed on with Karen almost one year ago, and it was an excellent decision. Through her gentle guidance and encouragement, I have been able to believe that I am an artist for the first time in my life. My artwork has grown tremendously over the past year, and I have had the opportunity to have it seen in multiple ways. Karen has brought together a group of amazing, creative, loving, and supportive women, all of whom are working at growing their businesses, growing and healing personally, and encouraging one another along the way.

Thank you Karen, for who you are, what you do, and helping me discover who I am intended to be.”


- Dru Duffey, Artist

"I now have 600 pages of my first book in the year since my first conversation."

"On a day I was feeling depressed about my lack of motivation artistically, Karen found a way to ask me exactly the right questions. From those questions was born a project I’m more excited about than anything I’ve worked on in years. Because she is an acute listener, her questions always dig out the truth of what I want to express. That is gold. "                                                 


- Elizabeth Grey, Writer


"Creating during the call really helped me focus."


The creative activity during our coaching session with Karen was just what I needed in my progress. She encouraged us to draw a mandala during our group call, and instead of taking notes I drew shapes and swirls in the mandala circle while listening. It was so relaxing and I retained much more of the call discussion and had a beautiful piece of art by the end of the call. So much fun!"


- Hobby Parent, Artist & Intentional Creativity Coach 

Susan 2017 150x150_edited.jpg

"Karen helped me with the practical steps in launching a business from identifying the what, the who and the why. No other coach has done that for me."


Karen has helped me immensely in understanding where I can be of service and in defining my 'why' for wanting to serve others who are facing the same challenges I have faced.  With Karen's help, I have been able to define my coaching offerings and who my ideal client is.  Karen has also brought a wealth of course content to my attention through her coaching on core values, abundance mindset and vision journalling.  She is as avid reader of books that she has recommended to me that will help me in my own coaching practice and in my personal life.  I have had other life and business coaches throughout the year who have helped me understand that I have the skills to be a life coach, but Karen has actually helped me put all the pieces of the puzzle together."


- Susan Bristol, Next Steps Guide 


"Karen is a joy to work with!"


She is caring,  and comes up with activities and ideas to address any issue that is a stumbling block in your road to success.  One thing Karen helped me with was coming to terms with a family relationship that is difficult in my life.  She helped me to truly see it from the other person's perspective.  I am so grateful!"


- Peggy Wickham, Artist 

Jody Cassell Portrait_edited.jpg

"I have felt valued and empowered in process with her and I’m on my way."


I sought to take my skills and talents as a Teaching and Performing Artist in Dance and redirect to working with adults in leadership positions.  I was hesitant in my efforts and needed a boost in confidence.  Then, I broke my wrist!

Karen kindly opened my eyes and helped me recognize and value the work I’ve done in writing and visual arts. She led me to know the rich offerings I have in combining my arts to provide service.  My possibilities expanded."

- Jody Cassell, Teaching and Performing Artist


"Karen was an invaluable help when I was trying to get my coaching business off the ground."


She helped me with the mindset issues I was having about my own capability and she also provided me with and helped me create the ‘nuts and bolts’ materials I needed to work with clients. Karen is highly skilled, kind to the core, and perpetually creative in her response to her clients’ needs. I immediately felt like I’d known her for a long time and trusted completely that she had my highest good firmly in the center of her mind. I would recommend her to anyone and I will absolutely work with her again.”


- Marilyn Green, Life Coach


"I now feel inspired to create!"

Normally, I save being creative for 'later,' and later never comes, unless in the past when I have signed up for a class.  Now, I put it on my list of to-dos for each day and it has meant not falling into the summer time teacher depression that I have always struggled with each summer.  Today my to do list includes painting time (which includes getting inspiration, sketching, playing and hard work) in addition to the mundane chores I have on the list.  I don’t always get to everything on my to do list, but just making a list is an improvement and lets me focus my energy on something."


- Ellen Alden
Artist, Writer & Teacher 


I am so happy to have found this outlet and wonder how I ever survived without it!  

I learned about Karen Richard’s class through a colleague and instantly realized something was missing in my life.  I had always been “creative” and completed a lot of DIY projects, but I never realized the talent that I had to create art.


While learning new techniques in painting, I am surrounded by supportive, creative and empowering class members who inspire and encourage me to continue this journey.

-Karen Koory





"After working with Karen, I not only feel confident to call myself an artist, I've had my art in several gallery shows and have sold a few pieces."


I've been working with Karen since she launched her first program. What I find most helpful about Karen's programs is her combination of group teaching for topics that apply to everyone and private coaching for specific goals. Working with Karen has not only helped me build confidence in my artistic ability, it has helped me see how I can use my creativity to help other women find joy through creativity. You don't have to be an artist to benefit from her programs. I recommend Karen's programs for anyone who wants to build more creativity into their business and their life, especially for those who have little confidence in their creative abilities.


- Judy Ladewig, Artist & Creative Joy Guide


"I signed up for Karen’s programs due to her approachability and her style of teaching." 


"She has a way of conveying information simply and powerfully. She has taught me to simplify and clarify, which is a game changer.  I am also very impressed with her availability. She is there for you easily and conveniently. Some coaches I have had in the past seem to hide behind systems and rules, but Karen does not. Her honesty and openness are truly refreshing.

If you are a creative wanting permission, new skills and encouragement to expand your creative muscle, I highly recommend Karen."


-Beth Hanna Smith, ATR, LMHC,

Creative Process Coach and Founder of U R Creative

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