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Play By Your Own Rules

Last year I was inspired by so many things.

I read lots of books, went to many trainings, and took several courses. Each one was a great experience, but in the end I was often confused and overwhelmed by how to apply these ideas and strategies to my life and work. I found myself jumping from one training or technique to another, not always fully utilizing what I was learning.

I wanted to accomplish big goals, but often felt overwhelmed by all the details.

These experiences inspired me to design a simplified system to help me get more done in all areas of my life. I picked pieces from many different sources and created my own approach, not one that forces me to be like everyone else.

I made my own rules.

Do you remember the game Four Square? The rules were simple. The court was divided into 4 numbered quadrants with a player in each. The person in square #4 had lots of control because they got to serve, choosing the direction to send the ball. The main goal was to stay in this powerful spot for as long as they could or until the end of the game. The rules varied according to who was playing. It could be as complicated or simple as the players wanted.

For me this is a lot like trying to achieve big goals in life and business.

You’ll begin in square #4, in complete control as you decide what it is you want to achieve. What is it you want to Be, Do and Have in your life? But most importantly, what is your big Why?

While you might marvel as you hold the power of the dream in your hands, you'll also know you’re going to need to bounce it around to build your skills.

This goal may need to change course a lot, sometimes going out of bounds. Here’s when you’ll go back to beginning and serve again, often in a different direction. But each time you pick up the dream to serve again, you'll feel the power.

Because you'll be right back to your Why.

And the best part is you get to make the rules. You're the one holding all the power in your life and business.

So pick up the ball and try to enjoy the game.

I’d love for you to share your strategies and techniques for achieving your goals and dreams. Do you play by your own rules?

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